Dohertymobile Towed

By Rob Last edited 150 months ago
Dohertymobile Towed

Just a quick bit of news to cheer you up on this grey, drizzly morning: Pete Doherty has had his car towed!

Apparently the junkie knobhead hadn't paid £170 road tax on his Jaguar (although we read somewhere else that he'd got unpaid fines for driving in bus lanes - rock and roll!).

Anyway he didn't pay whatever he was supposed to pay and the car got towed by bailifs from outside his house in Hackney. An 'onlooker' told the Daily Star:

t didn't take them very long to get the car out of there. They winched the Jaguar up onto their trailer and away they went. The pound must be like a second-hand Jag showroom now. They seem to take one a month off him at the moment.

Of course the Jag will now go to auction, an event which should attract an interesting mix of car dealers, Babyshambles fans, and druggy bargain hunters hoping that Doherty must have hidden some kind of stash in the car somewhere and then forgotten about it.

Last Updated 15 September 2006