Crane Collapse in Battersea

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Crane Collapse in Battersea

Two people have died after a 165ft crane collapsed in Battersea:

One of the men that died at the block in Battersea, south-west London, was the crane driver and another is thought to be a man washing his car. The flats have been evacuated but police said no-one inside was injured. The two-storey building is on the edge of a construction site. Local residents described the collapse as like a bomb going off.

The man washing his car ran in the opposite direction of a 16-year old who survived by legging it the other way. Another witness said "I was sitting at home when there was a huge bang. I went outside. There was a guy on top of a crane and a guy washing his car. All you could see was his leg underneath."

Last Updated 27 September 2006