Another Gas Cylinder Evacuation

By Rob Last edited 211 months ago
Another Gas Cylinder Evacuation

We heard on the news earlier that "thousands of people" had to be evacuated from homes in west London in the early hours of this morning.

We've been unable to find anything online as yet but from what we heard on the radio it seems a fire at a supermarket near Ealing raised fears that nearby gas cylinders could explode and so some unlucky households got a knock on the door from the police at some ungodly hour.

Now is it just us or have there been an unusually high number of gas cylinder scares in the past month or so?

Are there more gas cylinders in London this year than any other? Have their migration patterns changed? Have they started travelling in packs? There must be some reason we keep hearing about them.

Quick update on the Brixton McDonalds shooting. Police have issued a statement:

The venue was very busy at the time of the shooting and those present - including families with young children - were shocked and terrified by this violent attack.

We have only a brief description of the gunman at present - he was black and approximately 6ft 1in tall - but if anyone saw the incident or the suspect making off, we need to hear from you. It is believed the weapon was a handgun.

Apparently the suspect ran down Rushcroft Road and into Saltoun Rd, heading towards Railton Road.

Last Updated 29 September 2006