And The Winner Is...

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And The Winner Is...

If you're wondering who won the 'battle of the freesheets' that kicked off yesterday between London Lite and thelondonpaper then Media seems to have the answer:

News International has won the early battle with its fresh-looking thelondonpaper, which debuted on the streets of the capital last night.

Having beaten News International to the punch last Wednesday with its rushed-looking London Lite, Associated paid the price as thelondonpaper appeared looking more bright and modern and by having a design that clearly marks it out from the competition.

So, there you go - pretty straightforward eh? Although...couldn't the huge great banner ad for thelondonpaper currently gracing every Media Bulletin page be perceived as a potential 'conflict of interest'?

Although, we will say that thelondonpaper's website is pretty good.

And while we're reading Media Bulletin we should probably point you in the direction of this story which contains details of "the launch at the end of the month of a weekly free sports-themed men's magazine, called Sport."

The photo-led magazine will ­feature exclusive sports interviews, match previews and a guide to sports coverage on TV, as well as features on participation sports such as extreme mountain climbing and freestyle skateboarding. It is understood that around two-thirds of its covers will lead with football.

The mag will be will be handed out between 7am and 9.30am at underground stations and train stations and will include a column by Seb Coe (an editorial decision which we're sure was in no way influenced by the fact that he's one of the magazine's financial backers).

Image taken from Lloyd Davis's Flickr account.

Last Updated 05 September 2006


Hang on. thelondonpaper is declared the winner because it looks the best? In the opinion of one journalist? Isn't that like Chelsea being awarded the FA Cup because Gaby Logan thinks they have nice shirts?

Paul Mison

Well, you might think thelondonpaper's best, but Charles Arthur disagrees. For what it's worth, I think they're both awful. At least the Standard claims to print some news, and isn't entirely full of idiot celebrity stories.

Also, "thelondonpaper's website is pretty good"? There's no content on most of the pages, the navigation has a horrible colour bar subtitle effect for no good reason, and there's bloody great ads for Sky Broadband all over it.

Richard W

Surely anyone with the cash could print up hundreds of thousands of copies of some dismal rag and claim they were the 'winners'? Oh right, they already have.

Oh God, how I hate Sebastian Cow...

In Madrid they have dedicated skips outside the main metro stations for people to dump their free newspapers straight into. We'llbe seeing the same thing here soon enough...voici!!