Top Of The Cop Shops

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Top Of The Cop Shops

Kooks frontman Luke Pritchard had a bit of bother with the fuzz recently during a quiet evening at the pub with a friend. Police stopped the boys from leaving, demanded ID and, when they couldn't produce any, took them down the station to "prove their age" there.

An eyewitness said the singer was protesting with the police but they weren't having a bar of it. Pritchard kept saying, 'Why don't you believe us?'

There's nothing worse than being humiliated in front of a pub full of people just because you have good skin. Perhaps Luke should get to work on demolishing his youthful good looks with a bit of gigging - the band's first American tour starts in October.

In an altogether more serious story, So Solid Crew's Dwayne Vincent (aka 'Megaman') is on trial for murder for the third time. His friend Carl Morgan was found guilty of the 2004 murder of Colin Scarlett last year but the trial of Vincent - who is alleged to have given "encouragement and support" to Morgan immediately prior to the shots being fired - has been held up repeatedly down to "various technical and administrative reasons".

Sounds to us like the police should be putting a little more effort in to processing murder cases instead of wandering around West London pubs.

Last Updated 05 September 2006