Extra, Extra

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Extra, Extra
Banksy Whatever! LA
  • A murder hunt has been launched after a 23-year-old man was shot dead inside the Scala over the weekend.
  • When almost two million tonnes of raw sewage poured into the Thames last week oxygen levels in the water dropped to a dangerously low level and thousands of fish were asphyxiated.
  • A copy of the Mona Lisa, due to go on display a the Dulwich Picture Gallery, might give us a clue as to what the original once looked like.
  • Property group Minerva has dropped plans to build what would have been the City's tallest office building.
  • The Evening Standard get round to giving the best Indan restaurant in London the attention it deserves and then almost spoil it by being whiny, snobby bastards (tip: if it takes you 85 minutes to drive to Vauxhall think about getting the Tube).
  • Image courtesy of xxjetlab via the Londonist flickr group (although it's actually in LA).

    Last Updated 25 September 2006


    Yuck! Did they mean to put the sewage in the river?

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    Thames was pollute by this drastic act, nature is always at loss by human activities.


    I can't believe the Standard journo review of the indian restaurant! What a muppet!!!


    The journlaist was one Toby Young - if it's the same Toby Young I'm thinking of then I think he can only write in 'muppet'.