110% Vujj

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110% Vujj

With the London Design Festival well underway we wanted to mention one new design company that caught our eye: Vujj.

New Scandinavian manufacturer VUJJ are proud to present their inaugural range of furniture in

the heart of London’s Soho at the event 110%VUJJ. On show at 110%VUJJ will be designs from Artur Moustafa, Jonas Nordgren, Johannes Herbertsson Karl-Henrik Rennstam and Penny Forlano. A comprehensive collection of furniture is exhibiting, including dining chairs, easy chairs, tables, chaise longue, shelving and sofas. VUJJ is a young company dedicated to producing fine quality designs for the international market.

Who can resist a little Scandinavian design? The 110% Vujj event is organised by the fine folk behind Next Century Modern our favourite creative force out of Sweden - we've been to their bashes before and they are always something special.

The doors opened on 110% Vujj today at the Covent Garden Film Studios. Entry is free and you can get more information right here.

Last Updated 21 September 2006

Jesper Larsson

Thanks for the mention!

The event open today and it looks great. I'm really proud of our young and beautiful project team ;)

Hope to see you here soon