You can check out anytime you like...

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You can check out anytime you like...

...but you can never leave:

A US-bound plane carrying 240 passengers was turned around mid-flight for security reasons. American Airlines flight 109 left for Boston on Monday, but two hours into the journey it turned back to Heathrow Airport in west London.

Apparently four people were being spoken to at Heathrow. Now we watched Passport to Pimlico for the umpteenth time yesterday making us nostalgic for the days when all a policeman had to say was "'ere now, what's all this then?" Let's hope a more up-to-date 'talking to' can resist the modern police officer's first instinct to shoot people.

A spokesman for Boston's Logan Airport said one passenger's name matched a name on the "no-fly" list.

Recent exposure of some of the people on these lists means the person in question could simply be military, an elected official or even a baby as the compiling techniques are anything but fool proof. Whether he or she has anything to do with the four people detained remains to be seen.

More on this tomorrow perhaps...

Last Updated 08 August 2006