You Bring The Watermelon

By Talia Last edited 151 months ago
You Bring The Watermelon

It might sound like a stereotypical thing to say, but really, really, it is very hard to find a girl who doesn’t love Dirty Dancing with all her heart, or at the very least like it enough to watch it whenever they’ve got time.

If you don’t win anything on our Somerset House competition and can’t afford to go, then you’re in luck because tomorrow night new soft-drink Shloer is putting on a free open air screening of, you’ve guessed it, Dirty Dancing. Held in Waterlow Park, Highgate, gates open at 8.00pm and as well as the film on a big screen, you can expect the dubious sounding honour of having ‘sparkle squads’ attack your face for a makeover.

We’ve long worshipped J20 since it bravely strode onto the bar scene at the turn of the century and provided us with an tasty option to alcohol that, unlike a boring britvic orange, didn’t half fill a tiny glass; so we’re more than happy to welcome Shloer onto the scene. Promising various flavours involving grape, apple and raspberry, non-alcohol cocktails will be available at the bar alongside free popcorn and chocolate puddings. Yum!

Photo from frascelly's Flickr stream.

Last Updated 18 August 2006