Go, Go Go! Maggot Racing!

By Londonist_ben Last edited 214 months ago

Last Updated 30 August 2006

Go, Go Go! Maggot Racing!

What with drug scandal undermining athletics and horse racing being, well, a bit posh, could maggot racing be the next big thing?

Visitors to the Three Horseshoes Pub in Flackwell Heath have been gathering around a big screen to watch maggots wriggle their way around a six-lane racetrack. The maggots athletes take about fourty five seconds to complete the foot long course that has sticks the competitors must clear on the way to the finish line. All the proceeds from betting on the wee beasties goes to charity.

According to publican Barrie Butler,

It's the commentary that makes it. We name the maggots after our customers and make jokes about jockeys falling off the maggots.

Sounds like a barrel of laughs. Almost makes us want to set up a little track here at Londonist HQ, naming a maggot after each Londonist contributor. Almost.