The Londonist Literary List

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The Londonist Literary List

The Londonist Literary List appears every Tuesday. If you'd like to bring an event to our attention, please email

You’ll have to forgive this week’s list for being so slight, all the cool literati types are on holiday, it’s only the hacks like us that have to keep plugging away...


One of Africa's greatest writers, exiled from Kenya for 22 years because of his highly political and acclaimed work including the bestselling novel Petals of Blood, Ngugi returns with his first novel in 20 years, Wizard of the Crow. 6.30pm doors open at Congress Hall, Congress Centre, 28 Great Russell Street, £5 - call 0870 420 2777 for tickets.

And, um, that's it. All done. Fini. Except for...

10 Literary Type Things To Do Before You Die

Stay Anonymous

Belle de Jour reveals how to be a secret author and stay that way.

Get Published

"Lower your expectations. The happiest authors are the ones that don't expect much." Seth Godin gives 19 tips for wannabe writers.

Read the 100 Best

Philip Pullman's Northern Lights, James Ellroy's La Confidential, Hemingway's Men Without Women - check to see the ones you've read, and the one's you tell people you've read in the Observer's list of the 100 greatest novels of all time.

Go on Richard & Judy

Richard Madeley and his wife Judy Finnigan - the most powerful duo in publishing?

Try Frenching

French Book News - Pour la promotion des livres français à l'étranger.

Judge Others

"According to a survey of over 2,000 adults carried out by internet pollsters YouGov for Borders bookstore, books play a crucial role in influencing our opinions of strangers. Half of those asked admitted that they would look again or smile at someone on the basis of what they were reading." (Culture Vulture)

Laugh at the Holocaust

"Do not, though, underestimate the powers and intent of Johnny Ryan, who knows only too well what he's up to."

Flick through a classic

Hans Christian Andersen: Christine's Picture Book

Download Abracadabra

A free e-book telling the story of the Beatles 1966 album Revolver.

Write a Bodice Ripper

HarperCollins editors and Avon Romance authors invite you to join thousands of fans online to collectively create an original romance e-book — one chapter at a time.

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