The City of London is up for grabs. TAKE IT

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The City of London is up for grabs. TAKE IT

Sony is pissed that someone managed to release an unfinished version of upcoming PSP game Gangs of London out into the wild:

An internal beta of Gangs of London, a forthcoming spectacle of urban violence on the PSP, has been leaked onto BitTorrent sites across the net... Sony Computer Entertainment UK urged gamers to avoid downloading the game — not because it's illegal or morally reprehensible, but because the game is so full of bugs. "It is not the complete game and it has anomalies in the code since it hasn't been through our QA process yet."

They should look on the bright side and offer a forum for the thousands of unpaid bug testers to leave comments and suggestions.

You can check out the official website and trailer here. Comedy/stereotypical accents abound and although it looks like a lot of fun driving a double decker or shooting up Trafalgar Square with a machine gun (the original Westminster Council approach to dealing with pigeons before they settled on the hawk), the prompt system looks a bit naff. We can't imagine any of the London hard men that we know thinking to themselves "I should hurry and destroy those vans" in the middle of a firefight.

The funniest thing about the leak is this statement from Sony's David Wilson:

"there are proven links that exist between counterfeiting and organised crime and that has some serious consequences (and victims) that people should give due consideration."

Well for one thing no one's counterfeiting the game - they're downloading it themselves because Sony couldn't keep it secure. Secondly, surely the serious consequences would be a surge in organised crime leading to more fodder for the inevitable Streets of London II. Maybe they could create a character that sells dodgy copies of crappy games on Camden Lock and then uses the proceeds to buy a Kalashnikov.

Last Updated 04 August 2006