Tarrant's Animal Magnetism

By Rob Last edited 151 months ago
Tarrant's Animal Magnetism

So yesterday we reported on the fact that London seemed to be the place to have risky, publix sex.

Becker's done it, Aguilera's done it...and now we find out that Chris Tarrant's done it.

(Hang on a second, we threw up a little bit of food in our mouths just then, and now we have to go and get a drink of water.)

Ok, we're back. Yes, according to the Mirror's 'exclusive' "TV Millionaire host Chris Tarrant has confessed he once had sex in London Zoo," because "he could not afford a hotel for the romp."

Tarrant went on to confirm that his zoo romp was not with one of the animals but was in fact with someone he was "very much in love with", two situations which, if you've seen Animal Farm, you'll know aren't necessarily mutual exclusive.

Will this 'slebs shagging in the fresh air' trend continue into next week? Jesus, we hope not.

Last Updated 03 August 2006