Operation To Save Bacon

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Operation To Save Bacon

Poor old Richard Bacon's been in a spot of bother in London this week, suffering an unprovoked attack from two men in the toilets of the Garrick Arms on Charing Cross Road on Monday night.

"The CCTV shows some men following me down to the toilets and one of them waiting outside, presumably to make sure no-one came down while I was being attacked," Mr Bacon said.

He's taking the news that he'll need "an operation to rebuild his nose" remarkably well, telling the BBC he's "not angry, not upset - just a bit perplexed".

It seems unlikely the men will be caught, as Richard stated "I can't really remember what they looked like - I was just trying to cover my head up with my arms."

It doesn't seem fair to make the obvious jokes about noses needing to be rebuilt after trips to the loo - that's all in Richard's past and anyway, we're sure The Sun will have that angle covered.

Last Updated 10 August 2006