Londoners Least Confident About Paying Bills

By Londonist_Laura Last edited 149 months ago
Londoners Least Confident About Paying Bills

Maybe it's because everything's just so bloody expensive, but "London is the least confident region when it comes to meeting household bills and repayments on time", reports CreditExpert, the online credit monitoring service from Experian.

We might worry about overstretching ourselves, but it's not all bad news apparently. "Because they are less optimistic about their credit situation than the rest of the nation, Londoners are more likely to take their financial situation seriously."

What with high rent and transport costs, how difficult it is to get on the property ladder and the constantly rising price of cheese, it's no wonder that so many Londoners find it hard to stay out of the red. But as Jim Hodgkins, Managing Director of CreditExpert, warns:

"It's also important that as we take steps to stay in control of our financial situation, we also take precautions to avoid falling victim to ID fraud. This increasingly common type of crime can affect our credit score and our ability to borrow in the future."

Last Updated 04 August 2006