London Style Hamateur Dramatics

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London Style Hamateur Dramatics

Favourite naked woman dancing with dead pig story of the day:

Animal rights activists have described as "sick" a live art performance involving a naked woman cradling a dead pig for four hours. Kira O'Reilly's show, called "Inthewrongplaceness" will be performed at the Newlyn Art Gallery in Penzance, southwest England, later Friday. James Green, the gallery's director, defended the show, saying that the audience would be controlled, with one person at a time watching the performance for up to 10 minutes each.

So far so Penzance right? But then Mr Green adds that his gallery "should provide audiences in the region with opportunities to see the kind of works that they have to go to London to experience".

Huh? The closest thing to that that we have here in the capital is Guys and Dolls with Patrick Swayze.

PETA are not pleased and call the actress talentless. She certainly seems to be getting a lot out of it though:

"The work left me with an undercurrent of pigginess, unexpected fantasies of mergence and interspecies metamorphoses began to flicker into my consciousness."

No one has yet commented on the pig's performance.

If they do bring the show to the West End expect to see someone like Natalie Portman in the lead. If they cast a female dead pig opposite her and play up the lesbian angle the Standard would have a field day.

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