Kill Your Idols (with Cow Juice)

By sizemore Last edited 150 months ago
Kill Your Idols (with Cow Juice)

Religionists are a funny old lot:

Thousands of people flocked to temples across India on Monday following reports that idols of Hindu gods were drinking milk given by devotees as sacred offerings, witnesses said. Teenagers, adults and the aged stood in long lines with garlands and bowls of milk to feed the idols of Lord Shiva, Lord Krishna and the elephant-headed Lord Ganesha, they said.

And now it seems that the statues here in London (as well as ones in New York and Italy) have picked up a taste for the white stuff. We'd advise any deities or mythological beings to try and switch to soya or perhaps a nice rice based substitute - but hey, what can we tell you guys about longevity?

Geologists will tell you that this is nothing but lumps of stone absorbing the wet stuff while officials back in Mumbai reckon the whole thing could have started with polluted water that had miraculously turned sweet and could cure illnesses.

To test this theory we sent M@ out this morning with a hip flask full of whisky and a bottle of lovely Thames water. His instructions are to drink the river water and then see if he can get Nelson to have a swig of the hard stuff. Best steer clear of Trafalgar Square this morning...

Last Updated 22 August 2006