"He couldn't find any knives"

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"He couldn't find any knives"

We were going to have a right rant about this when we saw the headline Dubai family turned away from Eye. After two men were escorted off that plane in Malaga we felt ashamed to be British - those two chaps should have had the flight to themselves while the fuckwits screaming WITCH waited around for the next plane. And now we've got that kind of stupidity in London? Well, as it turns out this incident happened in June and can probably be put down to an over zealous (we think the technical term is 'prick') security guard at the Eye:

London Eye bosses have apologised to a family from Dubai who were initially stopped from boarding, apparently after being overheard speaking in Arabic. Syed Husain, 65, of Manor House, north London, was stopped while showing his sister and brother-in-law the sights... Mr Husain's bag was searched and he was told to bring it to a locker at Waterloo Station, while his sister and her husband were held in a secure area nearby. He returned without the bag and the three queued again but were confronted by the same security guard, who asked if he was carrying knives.

Just because this happened a few months ago doesn't make it any more excusable, but at least it wasn't directly due to the current FEAR NOW, THINK LATER policy of the powers that be.

Fingers crossed we can get through the latest round of threats and stupidity without falling into the paediatrician/paedophile tourist/terrorist trap.

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Is there even A language called "Arabic"? Ive done some searching and the link shows my results - but hey if people hear someone speaking in ANOTHER LANGUAGE then we had better call the fuzz eh?!

Completely agree with the guys on the plane - they should have been alowed to fly while the other screaming MORONS were turfed off.

I appreciate the need for security and security checks, and unfortunately we seem to be in a time where you have to do these checks if a concern is raised, but surely there is room for common sense?

I saw the two guys on the news last night (newsnight) and this morning (gmtv - hey, my indoor arial is crap and BBC was all snow so dont start...) - last night they appeared alot more collected whereas this morning when faced with the comments of one of said morons the main talker of the two did seem to back-track a little, but either way none of this would have come about if they werent men of colour and ill stand by that statement and dare anyone to prove me wrong.

If they did act up as the presenter implied and lead the questioning towards then they should be ridiculed similarly to that girl who told security she had a bomb in her bag in USA (remember her?), but on the other hand if they didnt, and they had so far not arroused the suspicions of the tight security, then i feel they are owed more than just a "sorry".

This is what i imagine it was like when certain places would have signs saying "no blacks, no irish" - i really thought we had moved on.