Grandma, We Love You...

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Grandma, We Love You...

Ah bless:

According to a survey of over 300 north-London based school children aged 8-11 who revealed they relish the time they spend with their grandparents.

And its hard to be cynical about this one, because these kids aren't just visiting the oldies to raid their medicine cabinets, apparently today's grannies and granddads are "active, fun and young at heart... taking part in a variety of activities; from walks in the park to cycling and swimming."

Swimming with your grandparents? Let's hope there's no bombing, and definitely no heavy petting (sorry).

The werid thing is the survey was conducted by Girlings Retirement Options Limited ("the market leader in private rental retirement property") so we're a little confused about the message they're trying to get across with this one.

'Grandparents: Nice to visit but you wouldn't want to live with one' maybe?

Last Updated 07 August 2006