Free Primal Scream Gig

By Rob Last edited 214 months ago

Last Updated 31 August 2006

Free Primal Scream Gig

Just a quick heads up for people who are:

a) Anywhere near Tottenham Court Road; and

b) Primal Scream fans.

The band are playing one of those MySpace Secret Shows at the 100 Club tonight (doors open at 7:30pm) but to get tickets you have to go to the massive new Fopp store on Tottenham Court Road and pick them up in person.

IMPORTANT:You'll also need proof that you are 18 or over and be carrying a print off of your MySpace profile page with the Secret Shows in your top friends. More details here.

The shop opens at 8am this morning so you better get your skates on (if Primal Scream fans wear skates, which they probably don't, they probably wear scuffed cowboy boots with sick on them).