Extra, Extra

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Extra, Extra
  • An update on the baby's body that was believed to have been dumped in a bin at Heathrow yesterday, it's now thought that she could have been alive when she was abandoned.
  • And talking of Heathrow: police seeking the man suspected of killing his wife and three children in Cheadle this week, have found his car in the airport's car park.
  • For the first time ever London buses are going to be able to change their advertising messages according to their location. Ooooh.
  • Congratulations to Joe Hodges of Surbiton for his silver medal in last month's 13th Unicycling Convention and World Championships in Langenthal, Switzerland.
  • Kate Hudson won't be at the premiere of You, Me and Dupree tonight, she's still recovering from her break up with that bloke from the Black Crowes.
  • Image courtesy of cakehole via the the contribute section.

    Last Updated 22 August 2006