Dubya implicated in Knife Attack

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Dubya implicated in Knife Attack
His n Hers Stab Stab

As much as we love blaming stuff on George W Bush even we can't quite accept that as part of the war on terror he's handing out stabbing implements to London's construction workers:

A Southfields thug slashed a man across the face with a knife he bizzarely claimed was a gift from US President George Bush. Construction worker Everton Reid, 27, from Keevil Drive, was jailed for four and a half years for the savage attack which left victim Ronald Gascoyne with a three-inch scar.

Ridiculous Presidential claims aside it's quite a nasty story:

Reid was in the Mortlake home of his estranged wife, Gloria Brown, when he gleefully showed her a knife, making a macabre claim it was a present from the US President. Suddenly he punched her and lashed out with the knife. Ms Brown's son, Danny, stabbed Reid in the back in a desperate attempt to protect his mother and Mr Gascoyne also jumped in to help.

He found the three later on Mortlake High Street and slashed Gascoyne, blaming him for the stab wound in his back.

He claimed in court that he was carrying the knife only in order to help a friend with some DIY which is about as believable as it coming from the Oval Office.

Last Updated 17 August 2006