Do you serve white or red with Legionnaires' disease?

By sizemore Last edited 149 months ago
Do you serve white or red with Legionnaires' disease?

We're proud to say that we're wine snobs here at Londonist HQ. Friday afternoon and you'll often find us out on the terrace sipping a pint or two of the red stuff. The trick is to pick the wine with the best label. We find anything with penguins on it tastes nice and goes well with a Red Bull chaser and a slice of Domino's finest.

So when we keel over from stuffed cheese arteries please wheel us straight to King Edward VII's for a quick tipple before the credit check comes through:

UK hospitals are used to being criticised for the food and drink they serve. However from this summer patients at the renowned King Edward VII's Hospital in London will benefit from the introduction of a fine wine list on a par with the finest restaurants... "It made sense to us that the most exclusive private hospital in London should get together with London's best wine merchant to provide our patients with a serious choice of wines. And of course good wine drunk in moderation has been shown to have health giving properties."

The NHS immediately sprang into action and are offering a selection of both brown and red sauces to any malingerers lying around in the corridors.

Last Updated 21 August 2006