Craig Charles On Crack?

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Craig Charles On Crack?

Craig Charles was arrested in London yesterday on suspicion of possessing crack cocaine.

Photos of the Red Dwarf (and now Coronation Street) star supposedly smoking crack in the back of a car were published in the Daily Mirror in June; he was subsequently suspended from The Street and from his BBC6 funk show on Friday and Saturday nights.

After he was suspended from Coronation Street, a BBC spokesman said: "Craig will not be presenting his show while we are talking to him about these allegations."

Last Updated 11 August 2006

coma boy

But he's always been a a crack-head hasn't he?
What's new?


red dwarf is the best series in english !! and craig charles is innocent!


awwwwwwwwwwwwww poor craig charles i bet he didn't mean to. And i agree CRAIG CHARLES is innocent
and should at least get a warning and a few hours of community service maybe.
And doesn't he voice a game show called takeshi's castle?

if he does i like it when he calls them wazzocks i laugh as well.