Caring Colin To The Rescue

By Londonist_Laura Last edited 150 months ago
Caring Colin To The Rescue

Filming stopped (briefly, we're sure) on the new Woody Allen film so that Colin Farrell could help a little boy who fell off his bike.

"Witnesses say the heartthrob rushed to the aid of the crying youngster and scooped him up in his arms." Oooh, ahhh, awwww, etc.

Um, yeah. What's probably more interesting is that the source who leaked the juicy details of this story to the press also said of the new film that "the project is so secret that even the crew are not told what scenes they will be shooting until the very last minute".

Ahh, sensationalism. This Londonista was an extra on this film a few weeks ago and the crew were more clear about what they were doing than many others. Oh, and Ewan McGregor was looking hot.

Last Updated 25 August 2006