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Because Londonist was riddled with gremlins over the last couple of days we're going to catch up with a little weekend posting. Londonist: hiding from the fiery disc in the sky so you don't have to.

There seem a few less planes dotted about over the Londonist HQ this morning. Must be because London City Airport is going ga-ga over a more grounded form of transport:

London City Airport will be closed to air traffic on Saturday as it hosts a speed challenge attempt. Some of the fastest cars on the road will battle it out on the runway to set London's land speed record.

London has a land speed record? Still, the only way to get our attention when it comes to this kind of thing was if the airport was still open as usual. Drivers dodging the wheels of Flight OI812 from Luxemburg would be interesting.

Topping the bill are a Ford GT, a Mercedes SLR MacLaren, a Porsche 911 and a Corvette Z06.

Car enthusiasts will probably find that groin-stirring, but we grew up playing Spy Hunter in dark Northern arcades - if a car can't turn into a speedboat and fire missiles we're not interested. Autocar mag reckons that "it's as much a test of braking performance, not least because the runway ends in a dock.".

If anything explodes we'll let you know.

Last Updated 15 July 2006