Shooting in London part one - Pistols

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Shooting in London part one - Pistols

Londoners love living dangerously. For years we braved the Routemaster, not giving a damn that it had a big hole at the back and we still see closing tube doors as a challenge. Dodgy kebab shops are our Mos Eisley and sometimes we step off the kerb without giving bicycle couriers a second thought.

It shouldn't come as any surprise then that as soon as the police announce a shoot to kill policy we decide to wander around town tooled up:

Water pistols look set to become this year's biggest fad for young and old alike, according to British retailers. Sales of water pistols have rocketed 850 percent since January, the biggest surge in sales seen in years. It comes as the heatwave is possibly set to bring the hottest day in the United Kingdom since records began.

Ahh it'll all end in tears, but you only live once and it is a tad hot.

In fact one of our own is soon to be entering something of a water pistol challenge that we're sure he'll be posting about soon. All we know for now is that he spends a lot of time shut in the stationery cupboard with the light off making sure he can assemble his Glock Super Soaker in complete darkness...

Last Updated 19 July 2006