OMG It's So Damn Hot

By Rob Last edited 150 months ago
OMG It's So Damn Hot

The weather's gone barmy (i.e. it's not overcast) and London has been brought to its knees. Just a few of the stories we've read today connected to the fact that the sun came out:

  • Barristers in Court Three of the Royal Courts of Justice in London were given permission to take their wigs off.
  • Irony of ironies: At Wimbledon, officials allowed players to take time out between sets to recover.
  • Chessington Zoo really pushed the boat out: they put out giant ice cubes with pieces of fruit and nuts frozen inside in the gorilla enclosure, while the tigers got a large block of ice filled with blood and hung from a rope (nice) and the kookaburras, were given a hose-down.
  • The 'dry garden' i.e one that require no watering is to be unveiled at London flower show.
  • And just so you know, the heatwave is due to last until Wednesday when "The high temperatures and humidity are forecast to spread north, affecting the whole of the UK".

    Last Updated 03 July 2006