New Music Interview: Rod Thomas

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New Music Interview: Rod Thomas
Rod Thomas

A week or so ago, we were trundling down Tottenham Court Road underground station dreading the face-sweating levels of heat that were about to hit us when we heard something we thought was rather wonderful. While buskers have got much better since the Underground introduced their licensing laws a few years ago, most of the time we don't pay attention to them unless they're drunk and they're the bongo man at Bank. This time though, we were nudged in the ribs by a friend and told to look at the 'rather cute guy' standing on the Carling spot. So we did, and we had to admit that yes he was rather good and 'did he have an email address please'. Rather than attempting to ask him out, we decided it would be much better if instead we introduced him to you lot instead.

Artist Name: Rod Thomas

Who's In The Band? Me, an acoustic guitar, a 1980s Casio keyboard, a loop pedal and a tambourine.

What Do You Do In The Real World? I spent 2 years working for a record company but at the moment I’m doing music full time.

Describe Your Sound To Us: Acoustic Disco Indie Pop!

How Did You Get Started? I was playing for a band for just over a year but they were busy as they had really good jobs so I had to find a way to avoid being an acoustic act again, so fiddled around with a few gadgets and it kind of fell together.

Who Are Your Influences? Kate Bush, David Bowie, Bjork, Arcade Fire, Billie Holliday, The Cardigans, Beck, 10cc, Minnie Ripperton, Chet Baker amongst others.

What's the greatest lyric you've written? “Don’t mind the rain as long as I get to wear a good coat” perhaps…

What's The State Of Play with you at the Moment? Talking to a few labels with some interest and hopefully a deal sorted or at least a single out in the next few months.

Where Can We Hear / See You Next? 9th August at The Troubadour, Earls Court, but as of 5th August there will be an internet broadcast gig online at, check it out!

What's The Big Game Plan? To keep making music that makes people smile, dance and feel good about themselves, and it making enough money so that I can do it full time and live comfortably.

Who Would You Most Like To Support? Kate Bush if she ever played again, realistically Arcade Fire!

What's Your Ultimate Label To Be On? Domino or XL, they’re both fantastic.

What's the best gig you've ever been to? I’d like to say Bjork, but actually Emiliana Torrini at Shepherd’s Bush Empire was incredible. Absolutely.

Any Great Stories From The Road? I played a gig at the Marquee Club and got chatting to the drummer of another band who was a session musician, who played on tour with Brian McFadden, which I thought was HILARIOUS! What a job … not a story I’d be telling anyone …

Recommend One Album To Our Readers You Don't Think They Will Have Discovered. Beth Hirsch’s Early Days, she sang on Air’s Moon Safari album. Such a great understated record.

Why Should Londonist Readers Go And See You? Because the set is really fun. It adds a lot to the recordings as it’s all built up live with samples and each gig is different. Plus if someone in the audience shouts or laughs and the mic picks it up they’ll be part of the set!

What's Your Favourite:

Venue To Play In London? Hoxton Bar & Kitchen

Venue To Go To In London? Whitechapel Art Gallery

Record Store? Record & Tape Exchange (the Soho one)

Shop (non-music)? The Russian Doll stall on Portobello Road.

Market? GreenwichPlace To People-watch? The White Horse in Soho

Place To Chill-out? The Blue Room Café in Soho

Place To Get Lashed? The Commercial Tavern, Shoreditch

Place For A Post-gig Kebab? Ooh, that little café on Charing Cross road opposite The Astoria

View In London? The view from Waterloo Bridge at night.

Form Of Public Transport? Walking - only way to get to know the city.

What Advice Would You Give Ken Livingstone? PLEASE find a way to regulate how much it costs to rent in the city!!!

What London Place Or Thing Would You Declare A Landmark? The 24 hour bagel shop on Brick Lane

The World Is Ending In 24 hours. How Would You Spend Your Last Day In London? I’d gather all of my friends into a park in London, play a huge outdoor gig with loads of food and bottles of wine, get everyone totally drunk, dance and party until it got dark then I’d run to the river, climb to the top of Tower Bridge, take in the view and then jump off into the river.

If You Could Sink One Part Of London Into The Sea, Which Bit Would It Be? Lewisham – I’ve had to wait for so many night buses there and it’s SCARY, and someone there threw a brick at my friend on a bus so as far as I’m concerned it can sink!

If You Could Write A Song About London What Would It Be Called And What Kind Of Song Would It Be? It would be called “How come everyone I meet in London seems to be Welsh” and it would be a mixture of disco, epic guitar ballad with a Welsh Male Voice Choir.

Sum Up London In A Word...


Download Rod Thomas - So Much Prettier here and check out his live dates on his myspace site as well as keeping an eye on your local busker.

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