Music Video: Sarah Nixey

By Talia Last edited 148 months ago
Music Video: Sarah Nixey

Our favourite indie girl gone pop Sarah Nixey recently released her 2nd solo single, Strangelove, and we just realised we completely forgot to tell you about it. Fiercer than her inital single, it's more than reminiscent of SEB and bites and jolts along with a rather huge fun chorus. This is a proper pop song but as ever with Nixey has a sour edge to it. Of course you can hear it on her myspace page and buy it on iTunes.

Somewhat confusingly though, Strangelove coincides with the release of the video for her first single The Collector. Warning though: youtube has replaced wikipeadia in our 'websites that you can get lost in' chart. We just spent the last twenty minutes watching old Black Box Recorder videos (and so should you).

Sarah Nixey : The Collector

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