Live Crotch Bonging Returns

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Live Crotch Bonging Returns

We had a lot of fun the last time we were at Westminster, and we've been meaning to go back and have a close up look at that big clock thingy sticking out at the side for a while now. Looks like it's back in working order too:

Big Ben is back to normal. The melodic quarter-hour chimes from Britain's Houses of Parliament that precede the famous bonging of the 13-ton Big Ben bell have been silenced by repairs since early June. On Wednesday, technicians fitted two new hammers to the largest of the four bells that have marked the quarter hours from parliament's clock tower since 1859.

What we like about this story is that a) Mike McCann has the best job title ever:

Keeper of the Great Clock

b) the Interesting hammer facts:

the head of the hammer alone weighs some 200 pounds

and c) the Crotch organ angle:

The identity of the composer is uncertain, though the leading suspect is William Crotch, a child prodigy who was an assistant organist at King's College.

Now the Beeb can dump that dull naturific birdsong and go back to a bloody good bonging to kick the news off.

We're due to have a tour of the clock tower some time soon - we will of course be blogging the crap out of every stair and asking lots of annoying questions about Dr Who and that Hannay chap hanging off the front...

Last Updated 06 July 2006