Hass Hurt

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Hass Hurt

After the last bout of bad news concerning David Hasselhoff we figured that he just wouldn't be in London anytime soon, but not only is the Hoff here among us regular folks he's also making headlines:

Hasselhoff in chandelier accident

That was enough to see some major wine spillage here at the afterhours Londonist HQ.

US actor David Hasselhoff has been treated in hospital after being hurt in a chandelier accident. Hasselhoff, 53, hit his head on a chandelier in the men's room after using the gym at the Sanderson Hotel in London's West End on Thursday. His right arm was cut by shards of glass, severing a tendon.

Ouch. But hang on... Hasselhoff's gym has a chandelier in the men's room? Of course it does. In fact we're not sure how he's managed to stay out of the A&E for so long with the wild lifestyle he leads:

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Last Updated 01 July 2006