Man Fined £80 For Diving Into A Pool

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Last Updated 20 July 2006

Man Fined £80 For Diving Into A Pool

These days £80 seems to be the going rate for ridiculous fines.

Yesterday a swimmer was arrested and fined after diving into a swimming pool. Two men, aged 64 and 66, were stripped of their over-60s passes and asked to leave Erith swimming pool in Bexley on Sunday. Later that day, police arrived at one of the men's homes and arrested him on suspicion of committing a public order offence. He was released and issued with a fixed penalty notice of £80.

A Parkwood Leisure spokesman said diving had never been allowed at the pool and the assistant regional director added that both men refused to stop diving and became abusive when told to leave.

One can only imagine the monetary penalty for bombing or heavy petting....