Argument leads to gutting, death, prison term

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Argument leads to gutting, death, prison term

Bit of a nasty one this:

A DRUNKEN chef who left his colleague's guts hanging out after stabbing him in the stomach has been jailed for nine years... Thiyagarajah Thirukkamaran had been drinking heavily when he plunged a 12in carving knife into 32-year-old Thavarasa Nallathamby's stomach, the Old Bailey heard. Mr Nallathamby died after suffering massive blood loss and a heart attack two days after a drunken fight between the two men.

The chef was on his second bottle of brandy when the argument erupted.

As it turns out high on the list of things you don't want to say to a drunk wielding a 12" carving knife is "If you want to stab, stab, let's see." - not unless the next thing you want to be saying is "My gut is hanging out."

Last Updated 19 July 2006