Always room for one more

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Always room for one more

We've had a problem before about the dead being a tad greedy, so it comes as a relief to see that finally they're being forced to budge up a little bit:

A cemetery is offering second-hand graves, with "refurbished" monuments including headstones, obelisks and crosses, to be used again. Recycled burial plots, complete with the original memorials, still contain the remains of those who died at least 75 years ago - the names of the dead are simply scoured from the monuments to allow new inscriptions. The City of London cemetery is selling 1,000 such plots advertised as "traditional-style graves" to be "adopted" by families willing to pay £3,000 to lease them for 50 years.

So it's only a rental (long term though), but at least you know the neighbours are going to be quiet.

The City of London corporation says many graves were dug deep enough to allow for more coffins and re-using the memorials is good conservation.

Damn right. Plus when the dead finally rise and kill us all, the newly dead will be on hand to give directions to the Victorian dead - you think someone buried in 1840 is going to know which exit to take at Tottenham Court Road?

Last Updated 04 July 2006