Window (un) Dressing

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Window (un) Dressing

We never got Pamela Anderson. Or Baywatch for that matter. A show about a talking car we get, but a bunch of idiots running around on a beach? No thanks. Then there was that sex tape thing, but she was fucking the dude from Motley Crue (and the idiot from Poison). If it had been Lemmy we may have shown a little interest, but the Crue sucked, so we had no interest in seeing Tommy Lee's tallywhacker going in and out of some bint we half remember from Home Improvement any more than we wanted to see his drum solo. Plus if you have to own one celebrity sex tape it's got to be the Tom Sizemore one simply because he's batshit insane.

So it's hard to get excited or even too interested about the fact that Pam will be getting naked in a London shop window sometime soon.

Pamela Anderson is planning to strip naked in a shop window as part of an anti-fur protest. The former Baywatch star will appear in fashion designer Stella McCartney's London shop on behalf of animal rights group PETA.

We're guessing that her 'fans' will have seen her very naked before and if you like the idea of wearing a dead animal then seeing her sagging / plastic / plucked / bleached meat will probably not turn you off that idea. What they should be doing is slaughtering animals and/or washed up TV celebrities in that window.

If the fans do turn up though let's hope that Stella McCartney remembers to hire a jizzmopper for the day because spilled and slippy seed is a health & safety issue.

Last Updated 20 June 2006