Watching Police Academy 4

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Watching Police Academy 4

Is just one of many things more important than the World Cup. This vital bit of information was made public after Boing Boing received a silly letter warning them not to stream any football matches illegally on their website. Baker & McKenzie LLP can't use the Internet very much if they thought there was any danger of that happening:

Oh brother. I don't even know what the FIFA World Cup is. I'm guessing it's soccer, which I hate just as much as any other pro sport. Every editor at Boing Boing detests professional sports, and we would sooner stream a video of a crumpled up paper napkin in the corner of a room than show some jackasses running after a ball. The only time we would ever post anything about pro-sports would be to make fun of them.

It was only a few hours later before the first crumpled up paper napkin video was made:

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You may want to keep that video handy over the next few weeks, but we'll also be publishing a list of pubs that will be showing the napkin and goldfish LIVE so you can cheer them on with like minded indivuduals.

Last Updated 05 June 2006