War Games at the ICA

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War Games at the ICA

All that fuss and nonsense and the overpaid morons only won because the other team scored an own goal?

What you lot need is some REAL SPORT.

Get thee to the ICA this Thursday for a screening of War Games.

No money, no real equipment and hardly a real pitch, but there's more sportsmanship in Heather Baker and Marc Allen's documentary than in any of that professional crap that's currently polluting London:

War Games is an intimate portrait of a community, recently devastated by war, struggling to put itself back together again and to stage an Olympic Games for thousands of children from the surrounding villages. The film follows the organisers as they struggle with broken goalposts, hungry players, and the constant threat of bombing by the Sudan government, all in scorching daily temperatures upwards of 50 degrees Celsius.

The film is screening with Lost Children, a sobering look at children caught up in the conflict of Northern Uganda.

Full details here (ICA) and here (Cool Hand Productions).

A ticket will only cost you between £4.50 and £6.50 (join the ICA people, it rocks) and you're guaranteed no worries over anyone's metatarsals.

Last Updated 12 June 2006