Tokyo London Team Up

By sizemore Last edited 151 months ago
Tokyo London Team Up

It seems the Wonder London single was just the opening volley in a new partnership between dusty old London and mega city Tokyo as Ken met up with Governor Shintaro Ishihara last week to establish:

a formal working relationship between London and Tokyo and enables each to exchange best practice and learn from each other’s policies with the aim of making the two cities better places to both live and work in.

It sounds like both cities will be looking at what each other does best and also where they trip up.

Interestingly enough both Tokyo and London are in the same neck of the woods according to the annual 'World-wide Quality of Living Survey'. Tokyo is at 34 with London trailing slightly at 39 (Zurich comes out top again which always brings to mind Orson Welles in The Third Man pointing out the cultural significance of the cuckoo clock).

Off the top of our heads what we'd like to see in Tokyo is a Mildred's style veggie restaurant, while London is in desperate need of Godzilla statues.

Let's hope Ken and Ishihara can sort that out.

Last Updated 05 June 2006