<b>THEY</b> think it's all over...

By sizemore Last edited 152 months ago
<b>THEY</b> think it's all over...

Back at the end of March we mentioned Stephany Cohen, the Bromley lady with a ghostly pal who uses her connections with both the spirit world and extra terrestrials to keep up with the footy.

Beats paying for a Sky subscription, eh?

Last time it was all about her being entered by dead football legend Emlyn Hughes, but this time it's even more disturbing. The aliens who occasionally bring Ms Cohen to orgasm are now saying that England is NOT going to win the world cup.

Did you get that, London? NOT going to win.

So you can take down all the crappy flags you bought from the supermarket, peel off the free posters you got in the News of the World and more importantly we can ditch the tv coverage and put on some old Clint Eastwood movies.

"I am sorry if it's not what the fans want to hear. We don't mean to upset any English fans but the reality is what is given."

You can't argue with that... and if you try you are leaving yourself open to possible anal probing. Best forget about the whole thing now and go read a nice book or something.

Last Updated 08 June 2006