Storm in a furry teacup

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Storm in a furry teacup

LinkMachineGo has been keeping us up to speed with the fallout over Alan Moore's Lost Girls:

Comic row over graphic Peter Pan / Sex acts' Wendy is Panned / Hospital worry at "porn" take on Peter Pan's Wendy /

Alan Moore's erotic Lost Girls / Rich Johnson on Lost Girls / Rich Johnson Reviews Lost Girls

You know already then that this is going to be awesome.

Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children has attacked an “inappropriate” graphic novel that portrays Peter Pan’s friend Wendy exploring her sexuality... The Lost Girls, which shows Wendy in erotic trysts and being observed by paedophiles, is the latest work by Alan Moore, the British graphic novelist behind V for Vendetta.

We've only read the beginning of Lost Girls via the Kitchen Sink collection, but it was much better than all that tosh about Peter Pan - who, let's face it, is pretty much a prototype paedophile - never growing up and letting himself in through unsuspecting kids' windows. There's none of that in Moore's book - it's all pretty much straightforward girl on girl on girl action. There's the occasional spurting cock thrown into the mix too, but it's mainly concerned with Wendy's relationship with an ageing Alice (from Wonderland) and a minxy Dorothy (from Kansas/Oz). If that makes it sound smutty... well it is, but it also has a lot to say about female sexuality, the perceived norm of beauty, confines of convention and what happens to 'fantasy' characters after the last page of their adventures is written.

Unlike say Jack Munroe's Ada Lee which was pretty much all about the fisting.

Be interesting to see what happens when the Daily Mail and Standard get a hold of this one. Just a photo of Mr Moore should be enough to get a Tory coughing up his breakfast.

Last Updated 26 June 2006