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Londonist brings you triple-decker theatre news for a Friday afternoon, of the good, good Lord! and good grief... varieties.

First of all, of the "good" variety, Eddie Izzard is to play Sally Bowles in a production of fishnet-tastic Cabaret next summer. The much loved cross-dressing comedian is only in talks at the moment for the role at the Theatre Royal Drury Lane but with any luck, we'll see L'Izzard strutting his stocking and suspenders in style on the London stage.

In the "good Lord!" category of theatre news, the Lord of the Rings musical is due to hit our West End next year. How the hell they're going to stage the Battle of Helm's Deep with 25 jobbing actors performing as singing uruk-Hai is beyond us but also, cunningly, exactly why this production is already predicted to completely annihilate all sales records as everyone will want to see Frodo singing his little Hobbit heart out as he holds the One Ring over the fiery depths of Mordor. Though it's going to be May 2007 before London gets the chance to hear the famous big finale song and dance number with the line

"Oh, fiery Mordor, take this ring from me,

I am a humble Hobbit and not worthy,

keep this ring from the hands of Sauron,

he is nothing but a big mean moron..."

And finally, in the "good grief..." category of theatre news, Courtney Love looks set to join the many millions who have defected from the States to the London stage for some "reality." As is going on stage is some sort of salvation from artistic anonymity and a perceived earnest effort to "get back to one's artistic integrity," Miss Love is rumoured to be heading our way to perform in "a classic play" before the end of the year. We can't wait. Oh no, hang on... yes, we can wait. Because we don't care. We've got Juliet Lewis whipping up a storm in a Sam Shepard play here already, and we hear she actually turns up on time for performances and hasn't got busted for drugs yet, so Courtney had better top that or else...

Last Updated 23 June 2006