See what happens when you can't behave

By sizemore Last edited 151 months ago
See what happens when you can't behave

You have your toys taken off you:

Live football matches will no longer be broadcast on the BBC big screens in Liverpool and London after trouble flared during England's first match. About 50,000 people gathered at nine of the screens around the UK to watch England play Paraguay on Saturday, but violence erupted and arrests were made.

It's no use sticking your bottom lips out like that. Fine throw a tantrum.

The ban on both screens will last for the duration of the World Cup... "This decision will clearly be a disappointment to many people but the activities of a tiny minority has jeopardised the enjoyment of many."

Stop sulking. If you carry on like this we'll call your parents and see what they have to say... good. Now heads down on the desks for some quiet time. Now Shhhhhhh

Last Updated 13 June 2006