Royal Opera House BP Summer Big Screens

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Royal Opera House BP Summer Big Screens

"Stuffy" is a word often attributed to opera, due to the common misconception that opera houses are expensive, hot and airless halls for rich, hot and humourless people. Open air opera is far more appealing on a warm summer's night, especially if attending costs nothing - think of the gardens at Glyndebourne, the gentle slopes of grass beside Kenwood ... and the space between office blocks in Canary Wharf, the turf in Victoria Park, the piazza in Covent Garden and the pigeon-poo paving stones of Trafalgar Square.

Far from being the fantasy of impoverished opera lovers who like the great outdoors, the BP Summer Big Screens are back and will be broadcasting live opera direct from the Royal Opera House to locations in London, all free, all open air and all open to anyone and everyone.

Go along to Trafalgar Square or Victoria Park tonight to catch Le nozze di Figaro - bring a picnic, bring friends and something comfortable to sit on.

On Friday 7 July, Turandot will be the big treat and will be beamed into Canada Square in Canary Wharf and Covent Garden Piazza - again, bring a picnic, bring friends but don't bring anything more substantial than a rug or cushion to sit on as portable furniture is banned in these two locations.

Who says it's difficult to get into opera? In London, sometimes you can't get away from it.

For more information on the Royal Opera House BP Summer Big Screens go to the website here.

Last Updated 28 June 2006