Putting the Sub into Subway

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Putting the Sub into Subway


A groundwater cooling system is to be tested at Victoria station in an effort to combat soaring temperatures on the Tube over the summer months...

The first thing that springs to mind is why wait until June to test the damn thing? It's not like we're shivering down there at anytime. Maybe they'll get it working properly in time for Christmas. But forget that because this is the GOOD bit:

Victoria Tube station, like many on the network, is so deep it is effectively under water and pumps out 35 litres (eight gallons) a second, to stop it coming through the walls.

We're thinking it. You're thinking it. Why isn't anyone working for London Underground thinking it?


Seriously, that would be like... very cool.

It can't take too much to waterproof the existing carriages. They're already airproof. No track maintenance needed as the carriages would bob slightly above the rails. Fix the rat and mice problem overnight too... knock on benefits for overpriced Australian stores to sell scuba gear to commuters. Great way to cool down after a Motorhead gig. Fill it with fish and we won't have to look at the same crappy advertising for mile after mile. Seriously... it's the best idea ever in the history of ideas.

We're off to watch Das Boot right now and draw up some blueprints...

Last Updated 09 June 2006