Police had acted "like animals"

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Police had acted "like animals"

Relatives of Jean Charles de Menezes joined with protestors in voicing their criticism over the handling of the recent terror raid in East London:

Mr Menezes' cousins Alex Pereira and Patricia Armani wore Brazilian football shirts with Menezes and the number 27 on the back. They spoke at the rally, criticising police tactics during the raid on the two brothers. Yasmin Khan, a spokeswoman for the de Menezes campaign, said: "The family are here to lend support to the two brothers.”The key issue is one year on from Jean Charles's killing police have not learnt any of the lessons. "The same policy, in terms of shooting to kill, is in place."

According to the police the protest numbered around 2,000 people. Abul Koyair, who wasn't shot in the raid, led the march:

"(We) don't want this to happen to other people in this community, Muslim (or) non-Muslim."

The police, we're sure, agree with that hope as they only ever shoot terrorists. Suspected terrorists. Alleged terrorists. Suspects. And/or alleged suspects.

Or people carrying chair legs.

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Pardon me, but did Charles Darwin not prove that humans were animals, descended from apes and adapted for their environment through genetic mutations?

If you accept the above, then it is self-evident that an Asian (like myself) isn't deemed fit to survive by the Met.

The above paragraph was written with tongue-firmly-in-cheek and foot-fixed-in-mouth.