New Erections for London's Rooftops

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Last Updated 30 June 2006

New Erections for London's Rooftops

No, the sun hasn't got to Father Hunter. This is on a slightly larger scale:

A lifesize naked sculpture by Antony Gormley, creator of The Angel of the North, may be installed on the roof of the Palace of Westminster for three months as part of plans for the reopening of the Royal Festival Hall.

We've seen a few members going in and out of the Palace of Westminster, but never one with these proportions, but these palatial dangly bits are just the tip of the Gormley invasion:

A giant party is to be held on the Thames, two weeks of special events will re-launch the hall and over and around London's South Bank complex 32 lead or glass fibre Gormley figures, cast from his own body, will dominate the area. The South Bank Centre is planning to place 32 of the figures on the roofs of major buildings along the Thames that overlook the hall.

We're not sure we like the idea of being dominated in that way, but what the hell - you only live once right?

The modernisation of the Grade I listed Festival Hall, helped by £47 million from the national lottery, will see the much-criticised acoustics, seating, public areas and landscaping improved. The hall has been gutted and is currently swathed in 32 miles of scaffolding.