Mugging Really Is A Laughing Matter

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Mugging Really Is A Laughing Matter

You don't often get apologies from the police, so one Matthew Brabbs of Caterham should count himself at least somewhat lucky that he has.

Unfortunately for Matthew he had to get mugged first. Adding insult to (thankfully lack of) injury, when he tried to report the incident to the police he was laughed at becuase he had just handed over the money and not tried to fight back. Perhaps if the police weren't making such a fuss about knife crime at the moment then Matthew and two friends might have considered being possibly beaten shitless by the gang who mugged him as a worthwhile course of action.

So the story gets reported in the Croydon Guardian, the complaints unsurprisingly flood in, borough commander Mark Gore steps in to get the officer concerned to make an apology and the complaint is dropped. Everyone happy. We were particularly pleased when we read that the policeman in question referred to himself as a pillock during his apologetic phone call; although insensitive pillock might have been slightly better.

Now we're not asking for our old bill to adopt a gentler buddhist attitude to their work, but being the victim of an attack or mugging isn't a particularly amusing experience, so a little sympathy wouldn't go amiss. Still has to be better than getting shot.

Last Updated 01 June 2006