"Minor" derailment on the Northern Line

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"Minor" derailment on the Northern Line


An investigation is under way following a Tube train derailment on the Northern Line in north London. London Underground (LU) said the train ran into sidings near Archway just after 1100 BST on Friday in what they described as a "minor incident". An LU spokeswoman said the slow-moving train was not carrying passengers and the driver escaped without injury.

As you'd expect services have been disrupted and there are a number of replacement bus services running. Emergency services were called, but as no one was hurt London Underground are playing the whole thing down.

"An empty Northern Line train derailed at very low speed as it entered Archway sidings this morning."

Expect the Standard to be screaming something along the lines of Tube Disaster Signals End of World later.

Last Updated 02 June 2006