Londonist Loves Yutaka Loves London

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Londonist Loves Yutaka Loves London

If you ever wondered what happens when a group of Londonists get together in the evening we can reveal it generally revolves around pizza, alcohol and looking for Londony eye candy on the Internet. In between belching and dipping our crusts into each others garlic sauce we stumbled across Yutaka Loves London.

If you're still using Windows 98 and IE then give up now. This is one Flashy website.

We're still learning things about Yutaka through his personal guides to pubs, clubs, food and even the best places to get souvenirs. For example he has interns and a photo gallery. He thoughtfully put a space aside for you to create your own To Do list as well so when you've finished making notes you can save it as a pdf file.

Oh and he created a webcam installation thingy that allows you to play with Tower Bridge... genius.

Last Updated 27 June 2006